You can’t innovate recruitment; change my mind


There’s a long-standing joke in the recruitment world. It’s actually one that hiring managers share at our expense. In this instance, we deserve it. It goes something like this…

Manager 1 – A recruiter called earlier to say they can recruit differently to the rest.

Manager 2 – That’s funny, she called me too.

Manager 1 – But mine was a guy.

As with any market, recruitment agencies need to differentiate themselves. This enables us to sell our services. But, in a market that is heavily saturated, innovation and true USP’s are rare.

Is Big Cloud any different?

Well, not entirely. I can’t claim that we have the biggest database; I don’t know the size of other databases. I can’t claim we’re the most successful; I don’t know how successful others are. We have a video interview platform, but I know some others do.

We have 100’s of combinations of services that make a recruitment process, but any great agency should have that. I can go on and on. The truth is, no off-the-shelf recruitment service can be unique. The day there is one, is the eve of the day it gets copied.

Big Cloud recruits in Data Science & Data Engineering. This isn’t unique. Lots of others do it and I know that some are really good at it. However, Big Cloud is recognised by LinkedIn as a Top 25 most socially engaged staffing agency. In fact, we’re a winner of this award for the past 3 years running. On top of that, we’re in the top 10 of that 25. Furthermore, we’re the only one in that list that specialises in Data Science. That’s unique, just to Big Cloud and we’re very proud of it. People engage with us because we’re relevant, current and we understand our market. We have a history of providing a great service to both clients and candidates. Good word spreads.

**Disclaimer** I’m about to market to you a little…

If you’re hiring Data Scientists or Engineers in 2019, Big Cloud likely has a solution that would add great value to your search. I guarantee, your vacancy will be communicated in a tone that reflects your company, to a receptive and relevant audience via the most engaged staffing firm in the market.

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Credit: Jack Cartlidge

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