Why You Should Hire A Contract Data Scientist

Thinking of hiring a contract data scientist?

The ability and desire to work remotely has risen to prominence. It’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for many talented Data Scientists as they seek to have a better work-life balance, the freedom to work on a variety of projects and learn a wider skill set to name a few.

With this in mind, more and more companies are taking on contractors for Data Science projects. Before you commit to taking on a permanent employee, you might want to consider hiring contractors for your business. Additionally, they can be a good option until your permanent hire arrives. Here are some pointers on why taking on contractors could be a great decision for your company!


Experience and expertise = quick results

Most established contractors will have worked on a number of projects with a range of different organisations. Given their experience in a variety of companies, they are usually able to quickly adapt and gel with their new colleagues. By hitting the ground running, they can make swift headway on the challenging problems they’ve been brought in to work on. Whereas, a permanent hire has a lot more to worry about in terms of job security, making new friends, and adapting to the culture long term.

Contractors are able to take a more direct approach to projects and focus entirely on getting the task at hand completed, as they will be working within contracted timescales. Due to the nature of contracting, they are able to pick things up fast, alleviating pressure from your other staff, and allowing them to focus on other work. The successful delivery of projects will be their key concern as, ultimately, this will be how they are judged, and their reputation is important to them! They may also challenge the decision-making process and take the politics out of the equation – getting straight to the crux of any issues.


Flexibility and cost-efficiency

We often speak to permanent employees who say they dissatisfied in their permanent role as the work is no longer challenging, or they just aren’t as busy as they’d like to be! Before making any more hires, ask yourself – do you really need more permanent employees?

Bringing in skills as and when required gives you the agility to meet business needs without potential overstaffing at times when things are quieter. You also have the option of having people part-time or working remotely – something that might not be feasible for permanent employees.

Contract staff also require less onboarding and can be released more easily if the work drops in priority. This gives you much less to worry about when it comes to budgets and meeting company deadlines. Factor in the fact that you won’t have to pay holiday pay, pensions, and other employee benefits – the cost may be more comparable than initial thoughts suggest.  Additionally, if using remote workers, the cost-saving on overheads like office space and equipment is substantial. For smaller businesses, these savings can make a huge impact.


Upskilling your workforce

There is a misconception that contractors don’t add long-term value. If utilised correctly, an experienced contractor can mentor, coach, and develop existing staff. You can proactively encourage this through partnering junior staff with the contractor or asking them to chair meetings explaining their work to others. Creating collaborative environments are beneficial to everyone involved in a business.

In our experience, contractors work in a more competitive environment (just think – they have to find a new job every 6-12 months) so are constantly keeping themselves up to date with new technologies and advances in industry to ensure they remain valuable within the market. So, you often find that they will be a level or so above the role they are doing. You may be able to gain long-term improvements by allowing them to influence choices in technology and become involved in strategic aims beyond the current project.


Sound good, how does it work?

The contractors we work with are all independent Ltd companies. We ensure they have the correct insurances, the right to work in the UK and are reporting their tax correctly. Thorough references at the point of interview to ensure they have delivered on previous contracts. We can even offer a working interview so you can see the person in action before committing to any specific contract terms. This means as a business your risks are minimised. You deal with us a point of contact for all contracts, invoices and other administrative tasks, keeping things simple!


So, if you’d like to find out how a contractor could help your business, get in touch – we can help!




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