Data scientist

Big Cloud are by far the best and most professional recruiters I’ve ever worked with. As a successful data scientist I’m being approached almost every week by recruiters and companies. So far, only a few were able to generate interest and faithfully describe the opportunity so that I’ll even consider hearing more. They have managed to do this while I was engaged in another very interesting and convenient position – quite a challenge. But even beyond this initial contact, the Big Cloud team have managed the whole process (which included oversees interviews etc. flawlessly. I know that they gave some good advice when at some points I felt “tired” of the process, and I’m sure they gave similar advice to the other side as well – and drove the whole thing to a close. To make a long (and successful) story short – I was hired. Finding a right match, especially in the hot market for data scientists is hard. Extremely hard. And it seems that Big Cloud know how to do it. They certainly did it in my case. Unfortunately, the headhunting business is such that if you make a good match, you won’t work with the same person again, at least for a while. But I’m sure that in the future, if and when I’ll look for my next challenge, Big Cloud will be one of the first to know about it!

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