Pre-Recorded VS Live Interviews

Video hiring isn’t for everybody, but you don’t have to take on all aspects of video if you don’t want to. If you’re selective about your hiring process, there are two options for you to choose from.

So which is it going to be… Pre-recorded or live interviews?


With pre-recorded interviews, the candidate can answer an employer’s pre-written questions at any hour of the day. There is no need for either party to make space in the diary for face to face interaction.

When an employer receives an interview application, they can re-watch the recording as many times as required. They can also share the video with other relevant members of staff that could be out of office.

Whilst it is preferential, some candidates may find a pre-recorded interview easier or less stressful. Because the questions are pre-set, there is no chance for an employer to present follow up questions at that stage in the interview process. This helps candidates avoid being caught off-guard. It is however, the less personable option. Some candidates may argue that not having the opportunity to meet a representative of the company they’re applying for is disheartening. (Unless that company records the questions and sends them over in video format).

‘With pre-recorded interviews, candidates can answer the employer’s pre-written questions at any hour of the day.’

Live Interviews

Arguably the biggest perk of live video interviewing is the ability to have face to face interaction without the necessity of being in the same room. Using video platforms to host interviews can cut unnecessary travel costs particularly in early stage interviews. It also still gives both the candidate and employer that affable connection.

Employers can get a better feel for candidates by reading body language, question responses and whether they seem a good culture fit. As with pre-recorded videos, live interviews can be recorded and watched back if needed. Live interviews do require scheduling though, so if your company doesn’t have the time, pre-recorded may be the better option. 

Ultimately, there are benefits to both pre-recorded and live video interviews. Depending on the business model, adoption of one technique may be better suited than the other. One thing’s for sure, both interviewing methods save time right from first stage interviews! It narrows down the candidate pool to the most valuable people that your company want to invest more time in.

Now you have weighed up your options, it’s time to check out our ‘How To’s‘ segment.

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