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Introducing our new website

It’s finally here! Big Cloud is excited to announce the launch of our brand new website.

Since 2013, Big Cloud have assisted more than 1000 candidates across 15 countries in making their next career move. Building long lasting relationships and working with innovative companies is at the forefront of what we do. If you are searching for new opportunities in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, look no further.

We’ve given our website a new lick of paint packed jam packed with new features which have been designed to provide you with a seamless job search and application experience. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Smart job searching

When you’re looking for new career opportunities, you want to be able to find roles that suit your skills and expertise quickly and easily. We’ve introduced smart job searching to provide you with results that are relevant to your desired areas of interest, location, skills and specialisms. Give it a try!

Recommended jobs

Just when you’ve found the perfect role, another one could be waiting for you right around the corner! Finding the right job that interests you has never been so easy. You can now find recommended jobs below any job listing to make your search as simple as possible. You’ll even be able to quickly navigate roles that are being advertised directly by any of our recruiters.

Job alerts

Whether you’re looking to make a career move in the near or distant future, keeping up to date with the latest openings exclusive to your industry has never been easier. Choose to receive notification of the most recently added vacancies directly to your inbox at a frequency that best suits you. You’ll never miss out on any of the new and exciting roles that get added to our website. Get started here.

Upload your CV

Is your CV up to date and ready to go? Upload your CV to our team of recruitment specialists who will review your skills and experience and work with you to find a role that they know you’ll love. Once we have your CV on file, you’ll always be able to be considered for new and exciting opportunities.

Are you hiring?

With dedicated teams covering North America, Europe and Asia, we’re able to give you access to the best candidates and help you recruit them in the shortest possible time. Whether you’re trying to find one super star data scientist, or scale an engineering team, we can help. Get in touch with us via our ‘I’m Hiring’ form.

Podcast: Behind Data Science

Since the start of 2020, Big Cloud have been working behind the scenes to provide you with access to exclusive and insightful information directly from leading minds working within the data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence industries. Stream ‘Behind Data Science’ via all major platforms.

Blog: Big Cloud Bytes

Whether you’re hiring, studying, an established professional or simply an enthusiast, our Big Cloud Bytes blog offers easy to digest industry insights for all.

Here you will find news, tips and insights on the latest developments in data science, machine learning and AI. Start reading here.

User dashboard

Finding a new job doesn’t have to be a lengthly, complicated process. The candidate dashboard will become your go-to resource for an easy to digest summary of your recent activity.

Creating a Big Cloud candidate profile will allow you to build a live resume, apply for jobs, keep up to date with the status of your applications, save jobs of interest and create new job alerts. You can even add your contact details and we can get in touch with you when we find roles we think you’d be perfect for!

Registering your account

To benefit from the experience of the new candidate dashboard, you’ll first need to register and create a Big Cloud candidate account. Whilst creating your account, you’ll be asked to attach your resume at the same time. Our team of specialised recruiters will be able to review your resume and match you to roles we know you’ll love.

Creating your profile

Submitting job applications can often feel somewhat daunting and impersonal. We understand that making a change in career is no small venture and will often require a relocation, a change in commute and the time spent outside of the family home. At Big Cloud, we believe it’s important for us to get to know our candidates so we can ensure that both your professional and personal requirements are taken into consideration from start to finish.

Creating a Big Cloud candidate profile will enable you to let us know any of the details that you’d like us to take into consideration when processing your application. The more information you provide, the better suited we’ll be in finding you the perfect role.

Building your resume

Keeping your resume up to date can often leave you wondering where to begin, what to include and how best to present yourself. Your Big Cloud candidate profile will enable you to keep a live resume enabling our recruitment team to keep up to date with your latest achievements and experiences. You can revisit your resume at any time and update it as and when required.

Viewing your applications

Trying to keep track of your job applications will more often than not, result in endless email inbox searches, until now. The Big Cloud user dashboard allows you to keep track of your completed job applications so you’ll never lose track of which vacancies you’ve applied for and who you’re waiting to hear from.

Save a job

Found a job that suits you and not got the time to apply? Using your Big Cloud profile, you’ll be able to save your favourite jobs and easily find them again later when you’re ready to submit your application.

Securing your account

Your account security is of top priority to us. To ensure your Big Cloud candidate account is safe and secure, you will have set security questions. Here you will also be able to manage your password and reset.

Live chat support

Are you hiring for data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence roles? If so, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with our team in real time via our live chat support and let’s talk!

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