Most Read Big Cloud Articles Of 2019

Every December we like to reflect on our most-read articles of the year. It seems our readers still love to stay up to date with our global conferences and events list, but we’ve got a couple of new additions too! Here are our top five articles that you just can’t miss:


Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Conferences and Events 2019

data science events and conferences

The top spot once again goes to our annual Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Conferences and Events list. Lucky for you, we’ve also released one for 2020 which you can check here.




The Complete Data Science LinkedIn Profile Guide

Our second most viewed article of the year was our go-to guide on LinkedIn profile optimisation. Shared by the likes of Principal Data Scientist Kirk Bourne and KDNuggets’ Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, you just know this one is a goody!







How AI Can Help Alleviate Poverty

This article made it from number five in 2018 to number three in 2019! It seems you, our readers are still passionate about the tough stuff. Want to know how AI can help alleviate poverty? Look no further.





5 Interview Questions… and Answers

getting interview ready revising questions

Job interviews are not just about your technical know-how and skillset. Employers are also interested in your soft skills and getting to know you better. These 5 common interview questions and answers will help you prep for your next interview.




The Link Between Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and AI

Frankenstein is one of the earliest representations of Artificial Intelligence

Finally, this unique, Halloween themed article takes spot number five. Are you interested in gothic literature and machine learning? In many ways, Frankenstein is reflective of the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry – and this article discusses just that.

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