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EU Data Science Salaries


European Data Science Salary Report Key Findings

Over the course of 2018 at Big Cloud, we conducted our first European focused Data Science salary survey, and the response has been great! From over 800 respondents, we’ve compiled a data-rich look at salaries, work benefits, the most popular industry sectors, top skills, and much more.

We found that the most responses came from professionals in Germany, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland, which is no surprise as these are our top networking areas – so these are the countries on which this survey focusses on. However, should future surveys get higher responses from other European countries we will most definitely feature them too!

The majority of respondents were Data Scientists, however, there was also a number of Machine Learning Engineers, Data Architects, Researchers and C-Level professionals taking part which offers a wider look at the Data Science market from all levels.

Some of the key findings in the report are:

Years with current company v years’ experience

30% of respondents are recorded as having 2-3 years’ experience, which is telling of the rise in people wanting to get into Data Science over recent years, as the number of people working in the market with between 4-9 years decreases by almost half.

A confident market

A large portion of respondents at 68% said they would find it easy to find a new job, and the top reason for seeking a new job was higher earning potential for the second year in a row. This is telling of the demand vs supply Data Science market, and also an indicator of the confidence Data Science professionals have in a hiring market where they can command better salaries for their high levels of skill and experience.

A rising interest in criminal projects

Each year, the coming projects people would love to work on in Machine Learning tend to be reflective of the current climate. In 2017, we saw a boom in interest in Data Scientists wanting to use Machine Learning for projects in detecting and combating Fake News. This year in Europe, we’ve seen an increase in Data professionals wanting to work on projects in crime, such as aiding police investigation, counter-terrorism, and predicting terror attacks. This is very much a testament to what has happened in Europe over the past 18-24 months.

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