Data Scientist (Healthcare)

Big Cloud works with one of the most exciting HeathTech companies in the business. They have a specialist department of data scientists, researchers, fellows and medical professionals all dedicated to one thing – the advancement of data science for the digital transformation of health care.


What is the opportunity?


This is a department of 100 people. They’re researching healthcare. How are illnesses prevented? How are the sick cared for? What is the delivery of treatment? What access do people have to health care? Most importantly, how can 21st century data science improve all of this?

Example – They have developed mobile/web apps that enable sufferers of diabetes to manage their illness. It also learns about the individual and advises on diet/exercise/behaviour to attempt to reverse some of the effects of diabetes. It enables access to doctors, without the need to visit a hospital, access to medicine without a repeat prescription.

Another app is used by people with mental disorders. They can analyse the way in which people interact with the device; how hard the user presses the screen for instance. This is groundbreaking tech to help people that typically have troublesome access to what they require.

There are 100’s of use cases across health care, and the Singapore government is in full support of a digital transformation in order to revolutionise what tech can do for the population.

About You:

This suits Ph.D/MSc data science professionals that are published. Able to analyse the wider problem and relate that to tech that can be used as a solution.

Able to work in an extensive and extremely diverse team. Not just other types of engineer or developer, but also medical doctors and surgeons for instance.

Able to work with a constant rotation of Fellows, research students and collaborations with top universities and institutions all over the world.

A passion to contribute towards a meaningful endeavour – disease prevention, mental health, disease management and general interaction with the health system through a modern tech-led approach.

You will work with people that are proud of what they’re creating for the people of Singapore, with a further vision to expand this system to other countries.

Sound interesting?

Please apply.

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Country: SG

Contract: Permanent

Type: Healthtech

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