We connect you with the brightest minds in technology all over the world

With dedicated teams covering North America, Europe and Asia, we’re able to give you access to the best candidates and help you recruit them in the shortest possible time. Whether you’re trying to find one super star data scientist, or scale an engineering team, we can help.

From stellar individuals to entire teams packed with talent, we know how to track down the stars. We work with leading VC-backed tech startups globally, with early stage hiring, aggressive recruitment drives, through to talent mapping and search and selection, Big Cloud has it covered.

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Our focus

We focus on the worlds of data science, machine learning and AI, and we’re dedicated to delivering a super-friendly service.

From best paper published researchers, top-team hires, to commercial data scientists and everyone in between, our team will help you find the right people for your company.

We recruit
analysts, engineers, researchers, data scientists and leaders in the following areas:

Augmented Reality

Autonomous Navigation

Computer Vision

Data Engineering

Data Science

Dialogue Systems





Internet of Things

Machine Learning

Natural Language

Operations Research






Smart Cities