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Lead Research Scientist – NLP

Natural Language

Manhattan, US - East Coast

Success in finance depends on acting on information faster than your competition. Historically, humans have done this. Now, automated systems are ready to change the game. Yet natural language processing systems are still way behind the human-level of comprehension. At the same time, humans can’t process as fast as systems.

Data Scientist (NLP)

Natural Language

Singapore, Singapore

Are you an expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP)? Are you Looking to apply to your knowledge whilst still continuing your research? Does the opportunity to work with huge datasets with a team of top machine learning talent sound exciting?  Well, read on… One of Asia’s top companies is putting…

AI Scientist

Natural Language

New York, US - East Coast

Join a start-up dedicated to scaling human intelligence in a way that values the credibility and reliability of its data sources above all. Allowing for a human-like level of interpretability leading to more reliable insights to guide human-in-the-loop decision making for key enterprise clients. The team consists of academics from…

Research Scientist

Natural Language

London, United Kingdom

Do you want to work for an AI tech giant? Are you a PhD qualified NLP/speech processing Researcher? Do you have a track record of international publications at NeurIPS, ICML, AAAI, IJCAI, INTERSPEECH, EMNLP or similar? A London based tech giant is looking for NLP/Speech Processing Researchers to join their…