5 Ted Talks Perfect For Data Scientists

Take a look at our top 5 Ted Talks for data scientists!


Jennifer Golbeck: Your Social Media Likes Expose More Than You Think

What does your social media say about you? There’s a huge amount of personal data on our profiles, so what can computer scientists derive from your interactions?

Jennifer Golbeck’s 2013 Ted Talk discusses how companies use our data and how they study and use patterns of behaviour among millions of users. A hopeful talk where she looks to a future where sharing our data on social can be fairer for all.


Amy Webb: How I Hacked Online Dating

Using clever maths and data smarts, Amy Webb searches for her ideal partner by hacking the online dating scene. It’s the 2nd most popular way that people meet each other now, so watch this talk and learn how she uses data for success.


Marie Wallace: The Ethics Of Collecting Data

Recorded at an IBM partnered event, Marie Wallace talks about the ethics surrounding data collection. She talks about the importance of transparency from retailers and marketers on targeted advertising and the use of data demographics.


Jamie Heywood: The Big Idea My Brother Inspired

Jamie Heywood talks about the journey his brother inspired after being diagnosed with ALS by tracking the data points of his illness so that others can track data on their own illnesses. Using his brothers story, as well as others through the website, this can be applied to all kinds of diseases. Learn more in this informative and moving talk.


Deb Roy: The Birth Of A Word

Deb Roy, MIT Researcher explains how using video cameras to record his house and capture the early parts of his son’s life, he was able to track how his language developed and his first words were formed.

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