Robots, of all kinds, are changing the way we live.

Thanks to the amazing people working on this technology, our lives will not be the same again as this technology advances and its applications cross into different industries. Watch these engaging TedTalks on the projects some of the best and brightest minds in robotics are working on.


Cynthia Breazeal: The rise of personal robots

This prophetic talk by Cynthia Breazeal that took place in 2010 and looks at how social robots were set to advance. Inspired by human – robot relationships in films like Star Wars, her team have worked on the foundations of social robotics, and training robots to interact with people.


Vijay Kumar: The future of flying robots

An enthralling talk on autonomous aerial robots and how they’re built to navigate different environments. Take a look into how they can help precision farming, mapping and reconstructing plants and crops transferring important data back to farmers.


Robin Murphy: These robots come to the rescue after a disaster

These amazing robots are helping when disaster strikes. It’s more and more common for robots to help out at disaster scenes by crawling through rubble and tight spaces, swimming where others can’t and even flying to unsafe structures to survey damages.


Marc Raibert: Meet Spot the robot dog that can run, hop, and open doors

Founder of Boston Dynamics talks about his passion for building robots that can do what humans and animals can do. Watch this live demo of SpotMini, a new generation, smaller cousin of ‘BigDog’, and see how we can use these animal-inspired and humanoid robots for all manner of tasks.


Jonathan Rossiter: A robot that eats pollution

Introducing the ‘Row-bot’, a robot that’s on a mission to clean up pollution. Inspired by biological organisms, he uses features derived from creatures to create robots that can do what humans can’t to help save the planet and protect our environment.



Okay, we love robots so here are two extra Ted videos where they put a different spin on ‘doing the robot.’


Bruno Maisonnier’s well-choreographed Dance, Tiny Robots 




Huang Yi’s captivating human-robot duet dance duet with KUKA


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