5 Brilliant Ted Talks About Big Data

Big Data. It’s much more than just a buzzword.

Take a look at our 5 favourite Ted Talks on Big Data, the approaches to it, and the impact it’s having on many different aspects of society and business.


Tricia Wang: The Human Insights Missing From Big Data

Drawing on her time with Nokia, Tricia Wang discusses just how important human insights are to the analysis of Big Data.


Kenneth Cukier: Big Data Is Better Data

A look at just how the effective use of Big Data can be to help gain a better understanding of the world around us.


Cathy O’Neil: The Era Of Blind Faith In Big Data Must End

From the author of ‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ comes this candid talk about what can happen with we put too much stock into Big Data and the impact that harmful and secret algorithms can have.


Susan Etlinger: What Do We Do With All This Big Data?

When it comes to Big Data, Susan Etlinger explains in this talk why we need to deepen our critical thinking skills.


Rajiv Maheswaran: The Math Behind Basketball’s Wildest Moves

Rajiv Maheswaran explains how using Machine Learning to find patterns and meaning in basketball games is helping teams strategise better.



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