Communication Is Key In Sharing Data Insights

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You need to learn to communicate data insights to the rest of the business

If you can’t explain things in simple language to others, it will be a struggle to maximise your potential impact on the world.

As a Data Science professional, you have no choice but to work extremely closely with your non-scientifically-minded colleagues. While skills and industry knowledge is important in business, it is far from the only success factor. A practical focus on getting things done and an ability to get on with other people are two things that every great leader has. What you might call EQ is sometimes more important than IQ.

So, for you to make a difference, it is essential that you learn to translate data into something that everyone appreciates and understands. This often involves dazzling visualisation and colourful graphics. You can even involve the odd bit of humour to help the points to sink in.

If the data is not understood, it won’t be able to effect change.

If you or your Data Science team can’t communicate the essence of your work in a simple way, it will stay as a complicated but brilliant footnote in the company’s data archive.

Too many under-communicated projects like this and the effectiveness of Data Science and Analytics will start to be called into question. It has to make a difference. Once the obvious wins have been sufficiently digested, that is the time to maybe explore things at a deeper level.

Explaining complicated data in a simple way is the art form of the Data Scientist. The ability to do so is one of the key questions that we ask when interviewing Data Scientists.

If data can’t be explained to “normal” people in a “normal” way, it is as good as useless.

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